Testimonies 3

I am an American woman originally from Kazakhstan. When I was in Dubai on my vacation, I got a urinary tract infection. Nothing new for me, because I have had  a chronic UTI for 5 years, which is activated by stress and getting cold. It happened in Dubai, after swimming and staying for  a long time in my wet swimming suit. I contacted her as a Russian gynecologist and meet her in the clinic. After she realized that it was a chronic, frequently recurrent  UTI, she offered me a homeopathic consultation.

I have never heard about such an alternative treatment, but I decided to try.

After a long consultation she chose and prescribed my remedy. For 3 years I was free from UTI. Then, in America, when I was pregnant and got UTI, I told to my American doctors about my miraculous treatment. They asked me to call her and ask how did she treat me so they can copy the same treatment for me. I called her, but she said that without a consultation she could not treat me as she did not know my symptoms at that time and that I might have needed a different remedy. Because the infection was moderate, I had to take antibiotics which I wasn’t too keen about. After delivery, I am planning to visit her in Dubai again.